VPS: Setting up LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) for more speed!

Managed VPS customers enjoy this by default, though we're happy to share the LSCache love with all!

Before you get started, make sure that you've disable any other WordPress caching plugin active on ANY accounts.

While LiteSpeed has smarts to detect other plugins, don't rely on it - rather ensure that you're prepared to go-ahead.
There can be evidence of old caching plugins in wp-config.php, wp-includes, wp-content, .htaccess & other locations!

Once you're ready, which includes having backups confirmed for all accounts in-case of any unexpected need to revert:

  1. Log-in to WHM for your server (ie. https://a.b.c.d:2087)
  2. Search for LiteSpeed Web Server (Plugins) and click into it
  3. Apply any pending update to LSWS* and LSCache (as shown)
  4. Under "LiteSpeed Cache", click through to "Current Version"
    1. Set the active version to the latest/highest release
    2. Once complete, click back to the main page of LS
  5. You're now ready to click "Mass Enable/Disable Cache"
    1. This will advise of the version to be installed
    2. Under "Mass Enable", click on "Start" (button)
  6. Once that's done, you can fine-tune as you need to via:
    1. WHM > LiteSpeed > Manage Cache Installations
    2. This lets you exclude, update, turn off & more!

Please remember that LiteSpeed is paid software - you can't do the above without an active licence for LiteSpeed!

Make sure your LiteSpeed and LSCache versions are both kept up-to-date so you remain secure AND quick. :-)

Need a hand getting it just so?
If you've got Management over your server/s, reach out to our team for speedy help!

* LSWS = LiteSpeed Web Server
* LSCache = LSWS Caching plugin

(Note: This guide is not for the installation and configuration of LiteSpeed Web Server)

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