Email: Creating a new email account / mailbox easily

After logging in directly or through my.LEOPARD, via cPanel you can create new mailboxes with ease.

If you don't have your cPanel login details to hand (we emailed them to you when you signed up with us), you're able to log-in to cPanel through my.LEOPARD. is your home of all things - please make sure you can login, or reset your password now!
Once you're logged in, head to your hosting account via Services, then click "Login to cPanel" under the right sidebar menu.

You'll be taken to a new tab where cPanel will be logged in to your hosting account.
From there, filter for "email" from the top search box and click "Email accounts".

A list of email accounts will show up, which will only have the system account if your account is brand new.
Click "Add new" and detail the username (ie., password, maximum size, and save!

cPanel will offer to email configuration details to an email address, which you may find helpful in getting people online quickly!

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