Security: How can I further protect my Email Accounts?

A strong password, combined with DKIM and SPF while using our Spam Filtering, is a strong email set-up.

We always recommend that you use unique and strong passwords everywhere, and store them in a system like 1Password or BitWarden.

From there, your domain name can have DKIM and SPF enabled, which are independent technologies that make it harder to spoof/fake being you.

You can do this yourself through my.LEOPARD > Your Service > Login to cPanel > Email Authentication > Enable DKIM and Enable SPF
(By default, this will automatically include an SPF component that'll let your domain send mail through our systems & spam filters)

Included with our Australian plans is professional-grade spam filtering through our local Spam Filtering cluster of Australian filters.
Please contact our team if you don't think your filtering is doing a good enough job, so we can optimise your config to better protect you.

If you're experiencing problems with people masquerading as you (ie. sending from you without having broken into your email account), let us know!
Often times we're able to identify a method in which we can get a handle on the abusive behaviour. Sadly, some behaviour can't be avoided on the internet.

Looking to go even further? We can walk you through other available Email Security policies such as DMARC to give you better visibility to what's happening 24/7/365.

Questions? Get in touch! We're here to help you stay secure online.

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