SHOUTcast Relaying: Internet connection and system requirements

ADSL is not a suitable internet connection for your SHOUTcast feed to our infrastructure. NBN/UFB plans tend to do the job.

We're happy for you to use ADSL and it may work, however if anything happens we won't support it past an early point.

NBN plans tend to be fine, though there are two primary factors to consider with the Australian NBN design.

  1. Your speed plan needs to be 50/20 at a minimum, though we recommend 100/40Mbps to be sure
  2. Depending on your access technology (FTTN/FTTC/FTTP/FTTB/HFC/etc), you may need repairs
    1. This is important, as some Australian copper and coaxial is in horrendous condition today
    2. Our escalations team are able to assist with NBN ISP/RSP escalations help for your speed

From there, you need to consider your CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) - your modem, cabling, computer, etc.

  1. From the NBN termination point in your building, do you have a NEW CAT6 cable feeding the modem?
  2. From that modem, do you then have NEW CAT6 feeding every down-stream device up to and including the computer?
  3. Does the streaming computer also have an active (or enabled) Wi-Fi adaptor/connection that can be disconnected and disabled?
  4. Is there a firewall or anti-virus type of program installed on the computer that might be interfering with the connections to
  5. How old is the streaming computer? If it's not on Windows 10, it's too old - please upgrade. Does it use an SSD or an HDD? If HDD, replace it with an SSD!
    1. Please note that our team will query many aspects of your infrastructure to get to the bottom of some support cases, you might need to invest some money!
    2. ALTERNATIVELY, you may need to drop your service with us down to a bitrate that your equipment can happily support until such a time as you can improve it
  6. In the case of dedicated streaming/encoding equipment (ie. Barix), please make sure that you've checked your configuration and updated your hardware's firmware
    1. Configuration can be sprawled out on such hardware, so your port and username may be here, password there, stream bitrate + mount-point elsewhere, etc

Please let our specialist SHOUTcast Support team know about any issues that you may be experiencing so we can tune in and have a listen!

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