External mail: Using our filters en route to on-premise

As well as filtering our Hosting customers mail, your corporate and personal on-premise mail can be spam-free.

Please make sure you know the static IPv4 and/or IPv6 internet details for your receiving server/location/etc beforehand.

  1. Raise a ticket with Tech Support and advise of your WAN details, domain name & desired target (hostname or IP address)
  2. From there we'll ensure that the relaying configuration is prepared for your domain name, and help you to configure locally
  3. Once we've confirmed that everything is ready for your new inbound filtering service, please proceed with DNS updates (MX)
    1. MX records should be set as below, only once all checks are complete and Tech Support have advised you to go-ahead
      1. mx11.filtering.net.au (Priority 10 with TTL of 1 week)
      2. mx12.filtering.net.au (Priority 20 with TTL of 1 week)
    2. Please make sure that your on-premise email software is configured to accept mail from our below Australian filter IPs:
      1. MG1-AUS on
      2. MG2-AUS on
    3. Make sure the Email Routing for your domain name is set to Remote in cPanel, to make sure it honours the filter's routing
    4. Your domain's SPF record won't need amending as you're only filtering inbound (ie. spammy) emails, not outbound mail (SMTP)
  4. Please now send some test emails from differently hosted external emails (ie. Gmail & Hotmail & Office 365) and make sure they arrive
    1. If they're not flowing through, please reach out to our Tech Support team so we can help you resolve the problem with email flow
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