Installatron: Adding a new WordPress install to your site

Installatron takes the guess-work out of WordPress installations for 1st-time users, designers and developers alike!

To get going online, we recommend the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) - it powers 40% of the internet.

Here's how to get WordPress installed and ready to go using Installatron:

  1. Login to cPanel, then search for Installatron
  2. Click through to Installatron, and open the Applications Browser tab
  3. Scroll down and click on the WordPress logo/name which should be bright as a "featured app"
  4. Towards the top-right, click the button "Install this application" which will open up a web-form for you to complete:
    1. Domain: Change to the HTTPS version of your domain name, to make sure search engines don't penalise you for being non-HTTPS!
    2. Version: Leave at the pre-selected latest version, that should have "Recommended" after it
    3. Automatic update: Update to any new version
    4. WordPress Plugin Automatic Update: Update WordPress plugins as new versions become available
    5. WordPress Theme Automatic Update: Update WordPress themes as new versions become available
    6. Automatic Update Backup: Do not create a backup ( manages these separately)
  5. Choose a username and password that you'll later use at to sign-in
  6. Enter your email address - This should be one that's hosted separately in case of problems
  7. Finalise the remaining configuration as follows:
    1. Two-Factor Authentication: Do not enable
    2. Limit Login Attempts: No, do not limit failed login attempts
    3. Enable Multi-site: No, do not enable. Multi-site can be enabled later within WP.
    4. Advanced Setting Management: Automatically manage advanced settings for me.

Click "Install" and let Installatron do the rest for you!

Once complete, it'll provide a link to log-in for the first time.
From there, in the background it'll keep everything up-to-date for you.

Problems? Let our crew know!

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