VPS with AutoSSL: Changing from cPanel to Let's Encrypt

This guide is for self-managed VPS customers who wish to change their cPanel AutoSSL provider/CA (Certificate Authority).

Make sure you have a known-good backup of your current SSL/TLS library (certificates, keys, chains, etc) firstly - that's on you!

  1. Login to your CentOS/CloudLinux server via SSH
    ssh user@
  2. Run the installation script and agree to the Terms
  3. Head to WHM > AutoSSL > Providers
    1. Select "Let's Encrypt"
    2. Agree if needed
  4. Save, then issue new certs
    1. Recheck all users
  5. Monitor for alerts

The server will notify you by default of any AutoSSL-related problems/warnings, so keep an eye out for any and make sure you resolve the root cause/s as you need to.

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