LiteSpeed Cache: Managing your sites via the WHM Plugin

It's easy to keep tabs on your different websites & accounts. LiteSpeed helps you keep performance sky-high!

Managing your cached websites:
WHM > LiteSpeed Web Server > Manage Cache Installations

From there, you can flag (exclude from tasks) or disable/enable caching as needed.
Discover New: Use this function to check the server's disk for new/etc WP installations.
Re-scan: Don't use this unless you're trying to flush the list and check over all installs again.
Refresh Status: Check over the site list to make sure everything is still as it's being reported live.
Unflag All: Used if/when you do maintenance on the flagged sites to make them caching-compatible.

Tip: From scrolling the list of installations, you can hover and then click the On/Off, Refresh & Flag buttons.

Enable: Install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin to the WordPress site/s that are selected, and enable caching.
Disable: Disable the LiteSpeed Cache within the WordPress site/s that are selected, and disable caching.
Flag: Mark the selected site/s as incompatible with LiteSpeed Cache, so that they're excluded from jobs.
Unflag: Mark the selected site/s as compatible with LiteSpeed Cache, so that they're included in all jobs.

Having problems enabling LSCache? Try to install LiteSpeed Cache via WordPress, and follow the instructions.
If you're still having trouble, there could be a remnant of an old caching plugin - please check public_html.

Functions on the WordPress side:
LiteSpeed Cache gives you cache purging and other options within WP-Admin.

Purge cache: Clears the LiteSpeed Cache for the WordPress site you're logged into.
Automatic purging: During some events (menu updates, etc), LiteSpeed will auto-purge.

Keeping everything updated: Using the WHM or WP interfaces, keep LiteSpeed Cache up-to-date.
The WordPress plugin can be updated through WordPress, or via WHM (or via another system, ie. ManageWP).

Modifying the LiteSpeed configuration:
On servers that are managed by, this functionality is restricted to ensure reliable service.

Please raise a ticket with L2 Support to arrange for any required/desired changes to be carried out. :-)
If you're going to require on-going access to LiteSpeed's web config UI then it can be discussed via ticket.

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