JetBackup: Downloading a full account backup with ease

Rather than using the Account Backup functionality, you can take advantage of JetBackup archives that are ready-to-go.

Once you're logged into the Hosting Account in question, you can easily download a full compressed backup by:

  1. Clicking through to JetBackup (in the Files category)
  2. Clicking on Total Accounts (should say 1 above it)
  3. Selecting the account, and then View Backups
  4. Choosing each date option in the list until
    1. It shows as a "Compressed" backup
  5. Once you've found that, click Download

That will start the job of pulling the requested backup across to the server, making it ready for download.

If you need a more recent backup of the entire account, you can generate one using the Control Panel.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to let our crew know so that we're able to assist you!

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