JetBackup: Downloading a full cPanel backup with ease

Rather than using the cPanel Backup functionality, you can take advantage of JetBackup archives that are ready-to-go.

Once you're logged into the cPanel account in question, you can easily download a full compressed backup by:

  1. Clicking through to JetBackup (in the Files category)
  2. Clicking on Total Accounts (should say 1 above it)
  3. Selecting the account, and then View Backups
  4. Choosing each date option in the list until
    1. It shows as a "Compressed" backup
  5. Once you've found that, click Download

That will start the job of pulling the requested backup across to the server, making it ready for download.

If you need a more recent backup of the entire account, you can generate one using cPanel instead.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to let our crew know so that we're able to assist you!

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