Microsoft / Office 365: Migrating from IMAP / POP to M365

Moving to Microsoft 365 should be straight-forward! We've stepped out the method we use to migrate clients over to M365.

There are 3 main steps to undertake in order for a migration to M365 to go smoothly:

Step 1: Understand where you're coming from.

  • How do you browse your emails?
  • Which devices/clients do you read mail on?
  • Are you getting emails via IMAP, POP, or otherwise?
  • Which mailboxes are we going to be moving to M365?
  • Do you know which company is currently hosting your emails?
  • Is there any requirement for extra licensing (ie. Microsoft Project)?

Step 2: Choose license tier/s, establish your tenant & book migration.

  • Do you need installable Microsoft Office? If so, you need Business Standard.
    • If you don't, then Business Basic is just as good, with Office Online (only).
    • All types of licensing include at least 50GB of email storage per mailbox/user.
  • We need the following information from you, in order to comply with Microsoft Terms.
    • 1. Company/Business name, and ACN/ABN (that we can verify online via the ABR).
    • 2. Postal/Business address that's regularly checked (for any critical notifications).
    • 3. Name of an Owner/Director, as well as their direct/personal email address.
    • 4. Confirm that you consent to the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA).
  • Once confirmed, we can create your tenant and book your Migration Slot.
    • This is a Friday/Saturday combination where we move your mail.
    • We can re-configure devices ahead-of/after the migration slot.
    • If you need remote support, please send an AnyDesk code.

Note: If you have a tenant, scroll down to "Tenant Transition" below.

Step 3: Emails are migrated, and you're live with Microsoft 365!

  • We'll re-configure your device/s if needed, per Step 2's plan.
  • Emails will be migrated (leaving a copy on the source server).
    • We use special software to ensure a quick migration time.
  • You'll receive login details (per the plan) for each new mailbox.
    • If you need special config/ACLs/etc, please let us know.
  • Any quirks/niggles/etc are mentioned by you, sorted by us.
    • From there, support is through! :-)

Existing M365 Tenant? Microsoft 365 Tenant Transition.

Most of the above applies, except we need to perform a Tenant Transition instead of creating a new Tenant. It's important with this process that we establish Global Admin access to your existing tenant, so we can understand your configuration, licensing and desired outcome/s. Global Administrator accounts have full access to your Microsoft 365 tenant - "tenant" being your area within their global infrastructure.

To verify Global Admin access, head to and login with the account you believe is the Global Admin. Once logged in, if you see an error "Switch to an account that has permission" then you don't have the right login credentials. We may be able to help, otherwise please contact your existing provider for assistance. If we can't establish this access, we can't move your tenant over.

Tenant example: (where "contoso" is the business name/alias)
Global Admin user example:
Global Admin password: ________

From there, we establish authority over your M365 Tenant, and perform most of the above steps as if it were a new on-boarding. Then we establish licensing once agreed, and make other changes as required. Once the cutover is performed, we'll help you to cut-off licensing from your old provider, which may be Microsoft Direct. This means you'll start to be invoiced for M365 through only.

What are the benefits of transitioning my tenant to

It's often the case that clients who are direct with Microsoft don't have quite the right licensing nor configuration for what they're trying to achieve. Part of the process with transitioning tenants over to us is thoroughly reviewing your set-up and explaining it to you, including what we propose to change en route over to us - this way you're kept informed, have plenty of input into the process, and aren't left behind while changes are made.

For instance, you might "have Microsoft 365" though only in the sense that you have installed Microsoft Outlook (and Word, etc) software however this doesn't usually mean you have mailbox capacity included. This is especially the case when Microsoft 365 Home is in-use as it allows for multiple computers to use the software cost-effectively, however it's not designed for business use and it doesn't include any emails. To establish what you have against what you should have, we need Global Admin access to your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Large mailboxes? Web Hosting isn't where you belong! M365 is the Home of Email.

If your accounts are getting hefty, it may be time to shift over from running Emails through Web Hosting across to the purpose-built Microsoft 365 platform. When your total usage across all mailboxes is in the realm of 10-30GB it's time to think about your next steps. Every mailbox through Microsoft 365 has at least 50GB of storage which provides plenty of room for you to expand into.

Also included is a well-organised archival system, allowing your team to off-load emails to archive files as required. These can then be stored locally, or converted into a "Shared Mailbox" which doesn't incur a cost. This can provide a reliable method for companies to offload common emails into a communal mailbox for select staff to access, which pops up in Outlook for licensed users who are connected to it.

Printer running scan-to-email for you? It won't require a mailbox if sending only to your domain.

We can assist with converting your printer/scanner/MFP's over to using the "MX end-point" direct-send method, which avoids having to pay for a mailbox just for the privilege of scanning-to-email! If you tend to scan to other domains, ie. from to, then we'll need to go about this another way - unless you're happy to receive scans, and on-forward to the recipients. We can help guide you.

Please let us know if we can assist you with the move to Microsoft 365.

We're a Microsoft Partner and are here to help!


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