Website Down? Check the Firewall Unblocker in my.LEOPARD

Website down? Emails broken? Worried your data bits may be in peril? Fear not, it may be a simple fix!

You'll need to login to your my.LEOPARD account first up, so head here:

  1. In the left-hand menu click on Services, then My Services
  2. Go to the Service page for your Hosting account with us
  3. Browse down the page for the Firewall Unblocking tool
  4. This will let you check your IP Address in the Firewall
  5. If blocked, it will also advise you of the Block Reason

If you're finding that you get re-blocked shortly afterwards, you likely have a device trying to use invalid email configuration somewhere in your Local Network.

As your entire local network (ie. your office/home) routes through an Internet Connection (ie. nbn, or your mobile SIM plan) which has a single Public IP Address, all devices on that network will see the same problem with your website and emails not working.

You can check your IP Address here:

Still having trouble? Please make contact:


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