External domains: Filtering mail with DNS elsewhere

cPanel won't be able to enable filtering for your domain if it can't alter DNS, so here's the manual way.

  1. Login to your DNS provider and make sure your DNS records are up in front of you
  2. For the MX records of the root domain in question, update them to:
    1. mx11.filtering.net.au (Priority: 10) (TTL: 1 week)
    2. mx12.filtering.net.au (Priority: 20) (TTL: 1 week)
  3. Make sure your SPF record includes the below value to include our mail systems
    1. _spf.spamfiltering.net.au (this would be added into an include: value)
  4. Send a test email from another platform (ie. Gmail) & check it reaches you
    1. If you experience any bounce-back/NDR/etc, please send it to us!

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