Relaying: Configuring your Streamer / Encoder to reach SHOUTcast Australia

Using SHOUTcast v2, you can reach our servers on your unique port with a username & password.

There are a handful of factors to consider when you're trouble-shooting a relay to us not connecting or working.

Your essential SHOUTcast account (Centova Cast) details include:

  1. Server hostname: ie.
  2. SHOUTcast username: Check your welcome email
  3. SHOUTcast password: Check your welcome email
  4. Unique relaying port: (Within 8000-9000 usually)
    1. Check my.LEOPARD if you're unsure of it
  5. Transport protocol: SHOUTcast v2 relay to us

From there, you've got a handful of encoding and physical audio factors to consider:

  1. Bitrate at each end: Which quality are you relaying? What does your plan with us include?
    1. If those 2 bitrates don't match, our systems will drop your stream until they both match
  2. Have you checked the physical audio: This only applies in studios, etc, please verify the feed!
    1. Should a problem have arisen with a hard connection on-site, we can't actually fix it!
  3. What is the rejection/error/drop telling you: Please consult your streamer/encoder logs
    1. You can share this information with our SHOUTcast Support team for more help
  4. Do you need to adjust the mount-point: Our systems tend to use /stream (default)
    1. Unless you've amended this everywhere, it should be the case for yours too

Visit the SHOUTcast Australia website for more details:

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