Audio quality: Diagnosing issues with your SHOUTcast stream

If you're experiencing stuttering, drop-outs, grainy or otherwise imperfect audio, there are a few key things to check.

Depending on how your stream is configured, you may only have uploaded files to our platform (in which case, it's likely your listening device).
Most likely however is that you're relaying to our platforms, and we're then broadcasting that feed stream out to your listener-base online.

In that instance, depending on whether you're a home enthusiast, a studio-based radio station or similar, you should:

  1. Make sure you've checked the plugs, cables and audio cards involved - Quality, condition, brand & more!
    1. Cheap eBay audio cards aren't up to snuff. Make sure cable plugs are properly plated, free of dirt.
    2. If you're sure that all cabling and connections are okay, make sure they've all been tested properly.
  2. Ensure that there's adequate internet bandwidth from your location to the outside world (ie. upload pipe).
    1. NBN plans with 40Mbps of upload speed should run your station plus other devices without problems.
    2. Please note: Depending on your ICT configuration on-site, you may need to ensure QOS for the streamer.
  3. Check over your encoding configuration to make sure it matches what your plan includes with SHOUTcast Australia.
    1. MP3 streaming at your quality/bitrate (ie. 64/128/192Kbps), title updates optional, mount-point will be /stream
    2. For example: You're set to broadcast to us at 192Kbps however are on the middle plan with 128Kbps. This will drop out.
  4. Verify that hardware drivers are up-to-date where any are involved throughout the stream's journey from its original source device.
    1. This includes audio cards, DACs, broadcasting systems (ie. Barix), and any other connected or otherwise updatable audio hardware.

Still having dramas with your stream?
Give our SHOUTcast Support team a holler!

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